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Annette Froehlich

After graduating in European and International Law at the Robert-Schuman University of Strasbourg in France, Dr Annette Froehlich went on to do her Master of Law (LLM) degree on European competition law at the University of Kiel in Germany. This was followed by business oriented postgraduate studies in distribution systems (MAS, Univ. Strasbourg), and finally in the course of her professional career in an international company (Assistant of the Managing Director/International Project Manager at Perfumery Douglas) Annette Froehlich obtained her PhD in European Commercial Law at the University of Vienna (Austria). While doing her PhD she also attended lectures in culture law.

During her Senior Research Fellow at the Institute of International, European, International and European Economic Law at the University of Cologne (Germany) she conducted a research project on ESA-EU relationship and coordinated a tri-national programme in European affairs. Currently engaged at the German Aerospace Center (DLR), she was for many years responsible for DLR and the German representation at the United Nations and International Organisations. Dr Froehlich was also a member/alternate head of delegation of the German delegation of UNCOPUOS (United Nations Committee on the Peaceful Uses of Outer Space). In addition, together with UNESCO she promoted space applications for the protection of World heritage sites and developed creative marketing products for promoting German space technology competence (examples of which are eye-catching postcards of satellite images in four languages, attractive card game of space infrastructure). In 2011, she had the chance to spend her DLR term abroad during Poland’s EU Presidency in Warsaw at Polish Space Research Center/Polish Ministry of Economy.

Moreover, Dr Annette Froehlich is author of a multitude of specialist publications and served as lecturer at ISU (International Space University) and other universities for space related topics like University of Paris XI (Master 2), Sciences Politiques Paris (Master Européen) or at the Société française de droit aérien et spatiale. Additionally Annette Froehlich served as scientific coach for the Lachs Space Law Moot Court.  

Actually Dr Annette Froehlich is seconded as scientific expert by DLR to the European Space Policy Institute/Vienna.

Languages: German (mother tongue), French, English, Spanish, Polish (basic), Arabic (basic)