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Applying to study at UCT

Application to study


You may apply online. In order to apply online you will need a working email address and your South African identity number, or, if you are an international applicant, your passport number. You must submit certified copies of your degree certificate/s, transcripts and a detailed CV  to:

The Admissions Office
University of Cape Town
Masingene Building, Middle Campus
South Africa

If you do not have a permanent email address, you may call the Admissions Office telephonically at +27 021 650 2128 to request an application pack.


For enquiries on funding opportunities, go to

Would it be possible to tell me about the thesis topics you have available? This will be done in consultation with the Supervisor.

Advice on application procedures can be obtained from the Faculty Office. However, prospective candidates for postgraduate study are also advised to discuss their interest in a particular programme with the Head of Department prior to applying formally.

Prospective students are encouraged to consult the relevant Faculty Handbooks and the 2020 EBE Postgraduate Handbook for a complete description of all the courses offered by the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment, and the admission criteria and rules for the various degrees.

Programme costs

The course fees for the MPhil in Space Studies are prescribed in the 2020 Fees Handbook. The table below gives the costs in 2020 for the core courses in the MPhil. These costs should be regarded as indicative, since additional costs would be incurred for further elective courses. The costs are for South African students. International students may incur additional costs, which are detailed in the Fees Handbook. A different fee structure applies when the courses are attended for Continuing Professional Development (CPD) purposes. See the Continuing Education website for further information.

EEE5146W Dissertation: P MPhil                         29,730.00

EEE5103Z Dissertation Preparation                       8,080.00

END5050X Masters Paper Requirement                       0.00

EEE5124Z Space and Society                                 TBC

EEE5125Z Space Applications                                TBC

EEE5126Z Space Mission Analysis & Design         TBC

EEE5127Z Special Topics in Space Studies A        TBC

EEE5133Z Special Topics in Space Studies B        TBC                      

EEE5134Z Special Topics in Space Studies C        TBC

EEE5141Z Special Topics in Space Studies D        TBC 

EEE5142Z Special Topics in Space Studies E        TBC       


Funding opportunities

Various categories of funding provide support towards the cost of postgraduate study at UCT. However, it is important to note that the University is not able to provide full-cost funding to postgraduate students. Scholarships and bursaries awarded will contribute towards the cost of study and applicants are advised to secure additional financial support from other sources.

The Postgraduate Funding Office located on the upper campus (Otto Beit Building), is an important source of information and advice about potential funding sources and the procedures necessary to access these.