Faculty biographies

Jane English

Associate Professor Jane English Head of the Professional Communication Studies and Services Department (PCS) in the Faculty of Engineering and the Built Environment at the University of Cape Town where I convene courses on written, spoken and interpersonal communication. As well as for the Faculty of EBE, I deliver courses for the Research Office and within faculties of Law, Commerce and Science. Where my experience lies in ensuring that technical and scientific research is communicated in a way that the general public can understand it. I first saw this need when, as Research Editor for the Chamber of Mines, I worked on reports being disseminated to a wide readership and on communication for the press. I currently am involved in the write-up of scientific developments being marketed through the IP division of UCT. On radio, I have been interviewed by Nancy Richards and John Orr.

My research focus and major publication output is on women in non-traditional employment and explores issues such as gender, communication, employment, training and skills acquisition. My training publications are: DVD SpeakEasy and the textbook Professional Communication: Effective Written and Spoken Messages. ( On my departmental website are links to my: consulting and creative outputs; a range of comments from course evaluations and academic papers and conference presentations.

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