Space Mission Design course participants visit Spaceteq

30 Jul 2018 - 11:30
2018 Space Mission Design course Participants

On Thursday the 19th of July course participants of the EEE5126Z Space Mission Design course visited Denel Spaceteq in Grabouw, where they were able to see a variety of facilities used in the integration and testing of satellites. The team at Denel were very hospitable towards our group. On arrival we were well received with refreshments before brief introductions and a preview of what we could expect to see during the tour. We then received a very insightful presentation about the history of the facility that showcased some of its products in an attractively arranged visitor area. The tour through the complex was very interesting and students saw a number of test facilities that they had heard about in their lectures. The expert staff guiding the tour were very happy to answer the many questions from our students.