New Book Published on Space Supporting Africa

28 Aug 2019 - 15:00

A new book was recently published by Dr Annette Froehlich (Resident Fellow at European Space Policy Institute/German Aerospace Center, and Honorary member of SpaceLab, UCT) and André Siebrits (Research Assistant, European Space Policy Institute, Ph.D. candidate in the UCT Political Studies department, and Space and Society 2017 alumni). This book, which is part of a larger ESPI series on Space Supporting Africa, focused on the background and context of Africa’s political and socio-economic landscape, which is presented and unpacked through a primary needs approach focusing on climate, biodiversity, health, water, education, and space-related capacity building. African theoretical contributions from the International Relations field are included, and Africa’s new Space Policy and Strategy, along with debates around the establishment of an African Space Agency, are explored. The African International Space Ecosystem is analysed, including its dimensions of intra-African space relations and initiatives, African participation in UNCOPUOS, and international space activities, agreements, and initiatives in Africa. The final part of the book is dedicated to the national space infrastructure and activities of African states.