Successful Conclusion to SpaceLab’s 2019 Space and Society Lecture Week

28 Aug 2019 - 14:30

A new cohort of South African students from a variety of backgrounds has just completed the intensive Space and Society lecture week. Some of the major themes covered in the week included the historical and current economic, political, military and regulatory drivers for space activities. Another importance facet was to train students in the communication of space activities to the media and to non-specialist audiences. Moreover emphasis of this year’s course was the inclusion of previous SpaceLab graduates as lecturers, to help build and sustain efforts to grow the African space sector and to foster networking. We wish the new SpaceLab participants every success as they complete their assignments and group project contribution on the African Space Agency.

SpaceLab’s Space and Society course forms part of the core curriculum of its MPhil specialising in Space Studies. For more information, please see