Start of SpaceLab’s 2020 Space and Society Lecture Week

5 Mar 2020 - 15:30

Space and Society (EEE5124Z) lecture week started on 10 February 2020 with a variety of space related topics presented by Dr. Annette Froehlich around economic, political, military and regulatory aspects for space activities. Special emphasis of this year’s course was given by the lecture of Dr Sias Mostert on “Space Economy and Space Entrepreneurship in Africa” and Dirk Heinzmann on “Governmental approaches to applied use of space”. The public talk on “Entrepreneurship to Spaceship” by entrepreneur-astronaut Greg Olsen attracted former SpaceLab students, staff members and also SCAG point of contact for South Africa Leehandi De Witt assisted with various other UCT students.


The inclusion of previous SpaceLab graduates as lecturers, like André Siebrits on the African Space-Education Ecosystem and African Space Arena, and Ani Vermeulen on Space Networking Activities in Africa, further strengthened efforts to grow the African space sector and to foster networking.


SpaceLab’s Space and Society course forms part of the core curriculum of its MPhil specialising in Space Studies. For more information, please see